Women Share The Dumbest First Date Question They’ve Been Asked

If you’ve ever been part of the world of dating, you know it really is a jungle out there. While it’s a necessary evil if you want to meet someone, dating seems to bring out the worst in some people and a thread on Reddit reminds us just how bad it can be.

It asks, “Women of Reddit, what is the most stupid question you have been asked on a first date?” Nearly a thousand women offered the dumbest first date questions they’ve been subjected to and these are some of the craziest.

  • “Had a guy ask me if I was really attached to my children.”
  • “I complimented the waitress' eyeshadow. He says, ‘Are you trying to set up a 3 way?’ ...n... noooo.”
  • “Had a girl ask me if I was into women…while I was on a date with her, a woman.”
  • “How long have you been Asian for?”
  • “Will you marry me so I can get a visa to stay? Nothing will top that for me.”
  • “Told him I had a biology degree and he said ‘wow, so, like, what was your major?’”
  • “Can I borrow a strand of your hair so I can floss my teeth?”
  • “I was asked why I couldn’t just be polite and eat the soup he ordered for me before I even got to the restaurant. I couldn’t eat it because I’ll go into anaphylaxis, it’s shrimp soup. I’m allergic to shellfish.”
  • “Had a dude who asked ‘What time do u go to bed? I only date girls that go to bed late because I only date girls that will stay up late to feed me snacks when I'm gaming’”
  • “Had a guy ask me how much I make and how much my parents make.”
  • “Had a guy ask once if I wanted to get matching tattoos. On the first date.”
  • “Can you rehome your cats for me? I don't like cats”

Source: Reddit/Ask Women

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