People Are Sharing Life-Changing Things They Once Judged

Ever heard the phrase “don’t knock it ‘til you try it?” Or maybe you’ve experienced that phrase firsthand. Reddit user u/DaveBeYou did and wanted to know other’s stories, so he asked the question "What’s the biggest 'don’t knock it til you try it'?" and people shared their life-changing moments.

  • "Blackout curtains. Getting a properly dark room to sleep in is a game changer. You don’t need to spend stupid money on them either — if you have blinds already you can get a regular curtain rod and rail and double up."
  • "A weighted blanket. I was skeptical and thought I’d hate how it felt but now I cannot sleep without it! It’s done a lot for my pain and anxiety."
  • "Potato chips on a sandwich. Egg salad to be precise."
  • "Pineapple on pizza. I used to talk so much trash about it but then I tried it and omg — I’ve been in love since."
  • "Meditation. I thought it was some kind of hokey tree-hugger mumbo jumbo at first until I learned that all meditation requires is that you sit still and focus on your breathing. I love it now. It’s amazing how energizing and calming it is."
  • "Tongue scraping. At first, it seems strange but when you get used to it, the feeling left in your mouth is amazing, so clean, and it's hygienic, too!"
  • "Men getting pedicures. One of my old bosses told me years ago, ‘That sh*t will change your life.' I get one now every other month or so."

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Source: Reddit

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