How Long It Takes To Burn Off Halloween Candy Calories

Having leftover Halloween candy seems like a good thing, until you find yourself with a pile of empty wrappers because you can’t resist the sweet treats. And we get it, it’s hard to stay disciplined with all that sugar in the house, which is why you tell yourself you’ll just have one small treat and end up eating a huge handful.

If the temptation is more than your willpower can handle, knowing what you’ll need to do to burn those candy calories off may help you to stop reaching into the bowl for more. The National Academy of Sports Medicine has done the math and based on a weight of 180 pounds, this is the exercise that it’ll take to work off the calories in some popular Halloween candies.

  • Snickers - Each Fun Size Snickers bar has 160 calories, which will require 125 minutes of pushups to burn off, and that’s if you go really hard since the calorie burn ranges between four and 11 per minute.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - Sure, the peanut butter in these treats has protein, but each Fun Size Cup also comes with 110 calories. And you’ll need to jump rope for nearly half an hour (27.5 minutes) to clear that cup.
  • Skittles - These colorful fruity candies contain 60 calories per fun sized bag and it takes 7.5 minutes of punching a boxing bag to work those off.
  • Butterfinger - The Fun Size Butterfinger packs 85 calories and you’ll need to swing a kettlebell for anywhere from four to 21 minutes to burn that many calories.
  • Twix - Caramel and chocolate are another winning combo and the Twix Fun Size bars clock in at 80 calories. To work those off, get ready to do eight minutes of box jumps.
  • M&Ms - Those little Halloween bags of this classic candy are 73 calories, which takes seven minutes on the treadmill at a 5% incline going four miles per hour to torch.
  • Sour Patch Kids - Fans of these chewy, sour treats should know that a five-ounce bag has 150 calories and to burn those off, you’ll be slamming battle ropes for a solid 13 minutes.

Source: National Academy of Sports Medicine

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