Singles Reveal What They Want To Learn Chatting On Dating Apps

Finding someone you like on a dating app is never easy, and even if you match with someone, taking the next step and chatting with them is just as hard if not harder. Well, now a new survey looks into just how difficult it can be.

A new Plenty of Fish survey finds:

  • 63% of singles insist that breaking the ice with a potential match is the hardest part about meeting new people.
  • In fact, when trying to impress others, most singles say they experience:
    • Anxiousness (50%)
    • Shyness (48%)
    • Excitement (39%)
  • So, how should people reach out to someone on an app if they want success?
  • Well, 60% say they are most likely to respond to someone who sends a funny or clever first message.
  • But that isn’t easy, with 55% saying that they find writing that first message stressful. 
  • And once you do craft that first message, it’s pretty apparent that folks on dating apps want to learn a lot about the potential match on the other end.
  • The most common things daters want to know about potential matches include:
    • What they like to do for fun (79%)
    • Where they are from (79%)
    • Their hobbies (78%)
    • Favorite shows to binge watch (76%)
  • But some want to go deeper pretty fast, with 60% admitting they want to know the timeline of a person’s last relationship.
  • And another 61% want to know right away if they want to have kids.
  • Other important things people want to learn about a potential match include:
    • What they do for a living (47%)
    • How close they are with their family (45%)
  • Surprisingly 51% say questions about their political affiliations and beliefs are considered “outdated.” 

Source: Study Finds

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