The Funniest, Scariest, Most Disastrous Halloween Stories

Happy Halloween! By now, you’ve likely experienced a lot of Halloweens. You’ve probably had some that were funny, some that were scary, and maybe even some that were a complete disaster. Well, these people did, and shared their most memorable Halloween with “Buzzfeed.”

  • "In high school, my friends and I were being silly and decided to cut gym in favor of going trick-or-treating in the neighborhood where our school was. It was successful at first, but then when we knocked on one door, the guy who lived there yelled at us and I guess he realized we were from the school and said he was going to call them and report us. So we fled!"
  • "I once went to a small haunted house that was built in a conference room at my job. I got scared and bumped the wall as I ran out of there. I noticed there seemed to be a delay for other coworkers to enter the haunted house, but I didn't think much of it. Days later, people I didn't know came up to me, laughing because I was the woman who knocked down the WHOLE haunted house and it took them hours to rebuild it."
  • "When my siblings and I were roughly four, six, and eight, we decided we were brave enough to go up to the spooky house in our neighborhood — I'm talking fog machine, spooky music, and demonic statues. As we were getting candy from the homeowner, Darth Maul appeared from the backyard gate, lightsaber in hand, slowly sauntering towards us. It was chaos — I tried diving into the house, my sister took off down the driveway screaming and tripped, and I don't even know where my brother went! The homeowner, also Darth Maul's mother, made him take off the mask and apologize while giving us extra candy. We laugh about this every year."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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