Moms Reveal Their Biggest Halloween Fails

Some moms go all out and make every holiday special, even Halloween. They make elaborate costumes for their kids with special effects makeup. They pass out individual goodie bags for kids at school and have themed lunches with cheese stick ghosts and pumpkin cookies. And good for them, we’re not throwing shade, we just can’t always relate.

If you’re more of the kind of mom who bought four bags of candy in September and ate it all, so you’re panic shopping at Costco on October 29th and your kids have store bought costumes and their trick-or-treat bags are reusable grocery bags, you’re our kind of people. And you can probably relate to these Halloween fails shared by real moms.

  • “Here's my pro-tip: Check the freaking weather forecast before you go trick-or-treating. My daughter is still (three years later!) reminding me of the Halloween when it started raining when we were blocks away from home and I was the only mom without an umbrella.”
  • “I thought pumpkin picking and then carving would be fun. Wholesome family fun! I did not account for the fact that my toddler, who grew deeply attached to her pumpkin, LOST HER LITTLE MIND when I stabbed it with a knife. So many tears. So. Many. Tears.”
  • “My son was complaining on Halloween about having a bad stomach ache. I told him that it was his own fault for eating too much candy while trick-or-treating. I told him that he'd feel better when he pooped. He said he felt really sick, so I put him in bed and told him he'd feel better the next day. I felt like a real jackass when it turned out that it wasn't too much candy. It was his freaking appendix.”
  • “My daughter wanted to be a doctor for Halloween. Cool! I ordered her a costume and when the package arrived, I stuck it in the closet so she wouldn't see it and want to wear it before Halloween. I finally opened it the day before and it … was not a tiny set of medical scrubs, it was a women's XS sexy nurse costume. So not the vibe we were going for.”
  • “My son and his friend were having a little prank war, all very harmless fun. We decided to have some old -school Halloween fun and to TP his friend's house. We did it and it was so fun! The next morning we went over to help them clean it up and met their very grumpy neighbors who were not at all pleased that some random kid had TP'd their house. In my defense, I was very close on the address. But not close enough.”

Source: Cafe Mom

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