A Spiritual Life Coach Shares 10 Things He'd Never Do

Roland Legge is a spiritual life coach. He stresses that “Spiritual coaching can help you connect to your spiritual (inner wisdom) by letting go of limiting voices, destructive behaviors and old patterns that don't serve you.”

While on his journey, he’s learned valuable lessons on what he would do, and especially what he would never do as a spiritual coach, and he’s shared them with “YourTango.”

  1. Try to fix people.
  2. Judge anyone based on what is shared.
  3. Impose my own religious and spiritual beliefs.
  4. Force someone to engage in conversation.
  5. Be dishonest.
  6. Resist feedback about services.
  7. Talk about myself instead of listening.
  8. Over-simplify problems.
  9. Place the blame on you.
  10. Pretend I know things I don’t.

Source: YourTango

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