What to Buy (and What to Avoid) at The Dollar Store

With prices of things through the roof, going to the dollar store can make your wallet happy. Thrifty shoppers of the “Buzzfeed Community” are spilling what items they always get at the dollar store and what to avoid to help you, and your wallet, out.

  • "Paint for kid's art projects, small canvases, art supply paper, glow necklaces, and gift bags."
  • "Candy for the movies. There's a Dollar Tree across the street from my local movie theater. Right before the movie starts, we'd get a ton of candy and sneak it in our purses, lol. Everyone does it. ;)"
  • "Wine glasses for a gathering that you won’t care if they break! They have champagne flutes, wine glasses, and normally some fun margarita ones."
  • "Party supplies, such as tablecloths, plates, hats, bags, even party favors. Party City ain't happening. Also, random small prizes I would need for the kids."
  • "I always get mailing supplies there. They have poly mailers and boxes for way cheaper than it would cost at the post office."
  • "Always buy gift bags and greeting cards at the dollar store! Why pay more than a dollar for something that you're literally giving away?"
  • "You will NEVER catch me buying any food, batteries, phone cases, or glasses from the dollar store."
  • "I don’t buy soap or any personal hygiene products there. I tried a dollar store razor once, and it looked like a raccoon attacked my face. Never again."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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