Things Kids Do That Their Parents REALLY Hate

Moms and dads tend to be proud of just about everything their kids do and they’re not afraid to tell the world about it. But that doesn’t mean they like every single thing their offspring do and say, they’re just not as willing to admit those.

BuzzFeed asked parents to reveal the things their kids do that they secretly despise and these are some of the top responses:

  • “My 18-year-old daughter shares every aspect of our lives with her friends in a group chat. I hate it.”
  • “My oldest daughter is eight and is extremely intelligent, which is amazing — but she considers herself superior to her peers and her siblings, and honestly, probably me. It has made her quite cocky, and I absolutely dread what her teens will be like.”
  • "My 10-year-old son PREFERS to be dirty. I get that he's a kid, but he WANTS to be *stinky* all the time. He thinks it's funny to smell like B.O. or rotten feet, and claims that 'it smells GOOD to him.' I don't know where I went wrong with this child. I really hope he grows out of it.”
  • “At 9, she's more organized than I'll ever be. It drives me nuts to be micromanaged by a child.”
  • My son has ZERO drive or ambition. He's in high school, and if I would allow it, I think he would literally stay in his room for weeks as long as he had his PS5, food, and Mountain Dew.”
  • “It’s not so much that I 'hate' it, but my fourth-grader apparently maxed out a test that said he has eighth grade reading, comprehension, math, etc. levels. He’s super smart, and will definitely surpass me in intelligence soon if he hasn’t already — and that’s a bunch of intimidating and scary thoughts.”
  • “My five-year-old is so competitive with her friends. She has to be better than them at everything, or she’ll leave a game or playtime. It drives me nuts and makes me feel like an awful mom that she can’t just enjoy her friends’ talents.”
  • “The entitlement mentality. We have five children, and my 18-year-old thinks we should go broke to make sure she can sleep all day and play video games all night.”
  • “This is going to sound terrible, but my 11-year-old daughter talks way too much! An excessive amount of talking. I love her with all my heart, but I desperately crave some quiet time.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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