TikTok Trend Has People Putting Their S.O.'s To A “Loyalty Test”

No matter how secure people feel in relationships, there will always be some people who wonder whether their S.O. really is being loyal to them. Well, apparently, a new trend on TikTok has some of those people taking steps to try and get proof of that loyalty.

It seems more and more people are putting their unsuspecting partners to a “loyalty test” online. The tests involve getting other social media users to be a “honey trapper,” and slide into their S.O.’s DMs and flirt with them and see how they would respond. Folks then show off the results of those exchanges on TokTok, with such posts getting 2,000 views every minute.

One such honey trapper, UK TikToker Dan Ford, says he’s constantly getting requests from guys to test their girlfriends and flirt with them and he says most gals usually do respond, with Dan boasting a pretty high success rate. Dan recently posted a video mocking men who are convinced their girls would never cheat, and then providing proof via screen shots. His page is filled with him boasting about successfully honey trapping girls.

And it turns out such honey trapping is big business. While some honey trappers will do it just to be able to share the messages they get for clicks and a bigger audience, some actually charge for the service; as much as $1,500 a week. Plus, for a TikToker in the creators fund all those new views can help them become an influencer, which translates into money.

Source: Daily Mail

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