What To Put In A Dating App To Get Noticed

Online dating can certainly be frustrating. Even if you decide to take the plunge and join an app, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a match, or that anyone will even be interested in reaching out once they see your profile. But now a new study has uncovered the things you should be doing if you want to grab someone’s attention.

A study out of the Netherlands set out to discover what things make a dating profile stand out, and they discovered that folks are looking for originality. It seems that profiles with original text, like a small fact or joke, favorite food, etc, have the most success in attracting attention.

Researchers asked 1,234 dating app users, mostly over the age of 50, to evaluate the originality of the text in profiles, as well as the person’s personality and attractiveness. Profiles that had original content rated higher in several areas, including intelligence, sense of humor, attractiveness, and whether or not they’d be interested in dating them. Specifically, users said things like metaphors, and concrete personal information rather than vague posts, were the most appealing.

The study recipients also had strong opinions about profiles they considered “odd,” noting that they also felt unoriginal. 

Source: Study Finds

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