Gen Z Share Workplace Practices That Make Them Cringe

By 2027, Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce. This gen is taking to TikTok to share what they’d change about their office, and what things need to go. 

Workplace expert Jenn Lim spoke to “Insider” about Gen Z sounding off on TikTok. "Gen Z isn't the majority yet, but they will be. Whether we like it or not, social media is a major form of communication," she said. "The reality is that there's meaningful conversations that come out of social media.” So, what are the biggest things that make them cringe?

  1. Not all laptop brands are created equal. TikToker “Corporate Dumpster Fire” joked about how the brand of laptop your company gives you says about the company. TikTokers flocked to the comments sharing their own experiences with work tech.
  2. Work-related phone calls are anxiety inducing. It’s no secret that Gen Z is much more about texting than talking on the phone. TikToker “The Introverted Attorney” posted an animation where the “person” has eyes filled with tears as they’re making a phone call and begging that the person on the other end doesn’t pick up. The character then immediately switches to a professional voice when they pick up. "Literally me. I'm a paralegal and I avoid calling our clients at all costs," one person wrote under it.
  3. Corporate jargon is a “waste of time.” TikToker “Corporate Baddie” shared a vid about how “corporate jargon” is both a waste of time and overused. He went off on “hop on a quick call” saying, "We don't need to keep 'hopping on calls' 24/7. This is ridiculous! We're not bunnies.” Other TikTokers agreed, commenting, "Quick call = 20 mins talking about the work and 40 addt'l mins talking about weekend plans. Spare me Susan, just email it.”

Source: Insider

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