People Reveal What Makes Someone Unattractive To Them

When it comes to love, most of us have an idea of what we’re looking for in a partner. But that doesn’t mean we always understand what it is about someone that makes us attracted to them. What seems to be easier to identify, according to a thread on Ask Reddit, is what keeps us from being attracted to someone. It asks, “In your opinion, what makes a person unattractive?”

Based on the thousands of responses, it appears to have nothing to do with looks and everything to do with actions. And these are some of the top responses:

  1. “The inability to understand someone else’s point of view.”
  2. “Basically a person with no sympathy”
  3. “Interrupting others or not listening. Seeming disinterested in what others are saying.”
  4. “Selfish, doesn't think of others”
  5. “Totally full of themselves, sneaky for no reason, never willing to compromise or see the other side, tries to play me for a fool or underestimate my intelligence.”
  6. “Ignorance and stupidity”
  7. “When they think they’re better than other people”
  8. “Oh! People that can't deal with silence, ALWAYS need to keep a conversation going … Exhausting.”
  9. “Arrogance. There’s a fine line between attractive confidence and straight up arrogance.”
  10. “People who claim to be brutally honest but are actually just being mean”
  11. “Lack of personal hygiene”
  12. “Littering”
  13. “Complaining a lot”
  14. “Bad grammar”
  15. “Personality is literally everything… Unconventionally attractive people can become a 10 and a conventional 10 can become a zero real quick. They can be as beautiful as a sunset, but you have to talk to them eventually.”

Source: Reddit

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