Women Share Things They Like Less As They Get Older

Do you find your feelings about things you used to enjoy changing as you age? You’re definitely not alone there. A thread in Reddit’s Ask Women section asks, “What are you starting to like less and less the older you get?” And hundreds of women are chiming in to offer their thoughts.

From “other people’s children” to “night clubs,” these are some of the things women just don’t enjoy as much as they’re getting older:

  • “People who have a hard time being direct. I’d rather someone be honest upfront than give me the runaround later.”
  • “Celebrity worshiping.”
  • “Attention seeking behavior on- and off social media”
  • “Night clubs”
  • “Dating apps”
  • “A lack of reciprocity. The things in my life - friends, family, whatever - need to give me back something to match what I put in.”
  • “People who don't respect my boundaries. It's not me being rude, its you being disrespectful”
  • “Social gatherings that start late. Yes, I want to hang out, but everyone wants to do it after 8pm. I'm tired after 8.”
  • “Habitual complainers who never try to fix anything.”
  • “Other people’s children. And usually their lack of parenting style. It drives me crazy!!”
  • “Sleeping over at other people's houses.”
  • “Driving. Especially at night”
  • “Wearing makeup”
  • “I'm tired of dressing ‘for my body type’ I want my sh*t oversized & comfy.”
  • “BS excuses. I can see right through them.”
  • “People who lack curiosity - basically know it all's”
  • “Smart phones, smart home, smart everything. Can we stop with it? It’s all too connected and I want my privacy back.”

Source: Reddit/Ask Women

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