A New TikTok Trend...No Eyebrows

There seems to be a growing community of TikTokers that are taking part in the “browless” trend. That’s right, they’re shaving their brows right on TikTok vids. Why? Some say that it gives them a “lifting” effect aka free Botox. Others say they want to embrace this extreme trend.

Is it safe? Fides Baldesberger who is a Brow Expert and CEO of Rubis Tweezers says that it is. ‘Generally speaking, it is safe to shave your eyebrows as long as you do it with care and use the right tools and products, cleaning them properly,“ she says. “Before shaving you really should consider why you would shave your brow entirely. It’ll definitely change your entire look, so it’s not something to take lightly. They will of course grow back, but it will take time.”

If you want to get in on the trend, Fides shared some tips on how to safely do it, especially as the skin underneath your eyebrows are more sensitive.

  • On clean, dry skin, hold your eyebrow skin taut by pulling it up gently toward your forehead. You’ll want to use your non-dominant hand to hold your skin and your dominant hand to shave.
  • Using your brow-specific blade, gently swipe at the hairs in the direction of growth.
  • Skip any textured areas, like blemishes or moles. This can cause irritation and infection, so tweeze this area instead
  • To help lower your chances of razor burn, avoid shaving over the same area too many times.
  • Apply a topical gel with aloe vera to soothe the area.

Source: Metro UK

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