What People Do, And Want Their Friends & Family To Do, After A Breakup

People react in all sorts of ways after a breakup, and now a new survey reveals some of the most common things people do right after a relationship ends. According to a new YouGov poll:

  • One of the most common things people do at the end of a relationship is change their account passwords so their ex no longer has access to them (45%).
  • Other steps people take after a breakup include:
    • Return their ex’s possessions (44%)
    • Unfollow their ex on social media (25%)
    • Delete photos with their ex from social media (25%)
    • Update their relationship status on social media (25%)
    • Delete their ex’s number from their phone (23%)
    • Have a rebound relationship (11%)
    • Get rid of presents an ex gave them (11%)
    • Start online dating (11%)
  • Of the above changes, women are more likely than men to do most of them.
  • Not surprising, the only things men are more likely to do than women is either have a rebound relationship or start online dating. 

And breakups don’t only affect the couple, it has an impact on their friends and family as well, and people have definite thoughts on how those people should be reacting to the split.

  • First off, 21% of people agree friends and family need to immediately stop speaking to the ex, plus they need to:
    • Return the ex’s possessions (19%)
    • Delete their ex’s contact information (18%)
    • Unfollow the ex on social media (17%)
    • Delete photos of ex on social media (14%)

Source: YouGov

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