People Are Sharing Dating Dealbreakers You May Want To Adopt

Redditor u/arbetarbladet recently asked fellow Redditors ‘What’s a dealbreaker when it comes to dating?” and people shared some real and valid answers that you may want to think of adopting yourself.

  • "Being clearly unable to have time to develop a relationship. We all have jobs, hobbies, and a social life. If you can't administrate your time to make an effort into getting involved with me, I will walk out of your life really quickly."
  • "Having to constantly message and call because they want to be apart of your life every second. Even while working."
  • "Lack of communication."
  • "Mind games. If you still want to do that in your 20s or 30s, you are not mentally old enough to be with me."
  • "Drama. At this point, I’ve been through too much shit and value my peace way more than I value someone I’ve just met’s feelings."
  • "Inconsistency in behaviors and words. Nothing tires me out like people who are not clear in their intentions. I'm not going to navigate in troubled waters when I can swim in clear ones."
  • "A ‘fix me’ person. I will support you to be your best. But I am not responsible to fix you."

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Source: Reddit

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