TikTok Beauty Trends That Are Actually Terrible For Your Skin

TikTok can be great for hacks, tutorials and new trends, and some of this year’s biggest beauty and makeup trends are from BeautyTok. But some of the viral trends are actually terrible for your skin.

“BeautyTok is fun, but proceed with caution and take everything with a grain of salt,” celebrity skincare guru Olga Lorencin says. Lorencin, whose clientele includes Halle BerryKate Hudson and Viola Davis, warns that most BeautyTok trends aren’t backed by experts and because everyone’s skin is different, the trends aren’t suitable for all skin types. “It’s very important to fact-check before trying trends,” she explains. “Also, think about the qualifications of the person who is sharing this advice with you. It’s always best to consult a dermatologist.”

Lorencin says these are the tips you don’t want to try at home:

  • Face taping - People are using face tape to do mini facelifts at home and while that temporarily lifts parts of the skin to hide fine lines and wrinkles, this skincare expert advises against it as face taping could actually speed up the process of aging skin. Lorencin says doing it once in a while for an event can be okay, but she says she would avoid it as much as possible because it can stretch your skin and underlying tissue.
  • Washing your face with salt water - Salt water can help clear clogged pores and it has beneficial minerals that can “occasionally help acne-prone skin,” according to Lorencin, but she says doing it regularly can dry out your skin and cause major irritation.
  • DIY coffee facial scrub - This is another trend that can cause more harm than good. “Immediately no! Just don’t do it,” Lorencin pleads. “There is no reason to ever use an at-home mask or scrub when there are so many safer options that won’t cause micro tears in the skin the way coffee grounds would.”
  • Using tomatoes, sugar, and baking soda to brighten skin - Tomatoes are great for skin treatment, but raw tomato is too acidic for the skin and baking soda will neutralize any real benefit, Lorencin says. She recommends using products with tomato extract, but only after consulting a professional who can tell you the best formula for your skin.

Source: Hello Giggles

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