Men Share Things They Didn’t Know Until Living With A Woman

Even if you think you know everything about your partner, once you move in together you find out that’s absolutely not true. In fact, a lot of men learn things they never really knew once they start living with with a woman, and now some of those men are sharing.

The revelations began after someone on Reddit posed the question, “What did you not know or realize until after living with a woman?" and some of the answers are downright hilarious.

Responses include:

  • "Apparently, cleaning the toilet on the regular is much, much more important than I'd previously thought."
  • "Where I think things should 'live' isn’t right. Even if I’m the only one who ever uses them."
  • "Pockets are very rare for women's pants. Several years married and still shocked by this."
  • "How many household items can become a bra hanger. From doorknobs to TVs to bedposts to end tables. I grew up with all sisters and never saw this until I lived with my ex-wife."
  • "The way I had been folding towels for years was apparently incorrect. I do the tri-fold method. My wife does the double-fold method. Oh, well. First argument we had as a married couple, and I lost."
  • "I have freaked out too many times at what I thought was a 52-legged spider clinging to my bathroom wall."
  • "Be sure to have a trashcan in every bathroom."
  • "How much time they spend in the bathroom every night before going to sleep. No, sir, it’s not just a matter of brushing your teeth and going to sleep. There are SEVERAL steps."

Source: Buzzfeed

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