How Do We Feel About Being Friends With An Ex

Getting over a breakup isn’t easy, and for many people to do so they need to never see their ex again. But there are some people who actually stay friends with their exes, which others can’t imagine. So, how do Americans really feel about staying friends with an ex?

Well a new YouGov survey finds:

  • 37% of Americans say they would prefer to stay friends with their exes.
  • 29% would rather not stay friends with an ex, although 34% are not sure or would prefer not to say.
  • Overall, men are more likely than women to want to stay friends with an ex (42% vs. 32%).
  • And 33% of women have no desire to stay friends with an ex, compared to 24% of men.

So, how many folks really are still friends with their exes?

  • Well, 44% of people say they aren’t friends with any of their exes.
  • 37% say they are friends with some, but not others.
  • Only 17% say they are friends with all of their exes.

But being friends with an ex can get dicey when you start new relationships, and it turns out many Americans aren’t comfortable with their partner staying friends with an ex.

  • Now, 57% are okay with a partner being on good terms with an ex, and another 55% are okay with them being on speaking terms.
  • But folks are more indecisive when it comes to actually being friends.
  • In fact, while 41% are comfortable with their partner being friends with an ex, 40% are uncomfortable with it.
  • Not surprising, 60% of people would be uncomfortable with their partner being best friends with an ex, while only 22% would be comfortable with it.
  • But it turns out, people don’t want folks to make enemies of their ex.
  • Only 32% of people would be happy if their partner was enemies with an ex, with 40% uncomfortable if that was the case. 

Source: YouGov

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