People Share The Things They Like Less As They Get Older

As we get older, some things we enjoyed when we were younger seem to get a lot less enjoyable. In fact, some of us probably can’t even imagine why we enjoyed those things in the first place.

Well, now folks are spilling the beans on some of those things they’ve lost interest in, after someone on Reddit posed the question, “What are you starting to like less and less the older you get?Responses include:

  • “Malls. Used to love hanging out at the local mall with friends as a teen but as an adult, I fully just beeline straight to what I need to get and then it’s just survival mode until I get back to my car.”
  • “The typical bar scene. I get off work and want to unwind. I don’t enjoy the loud, nearly shouting level of noise at the typical bars. I want medium volume bars that are fun and lively, but not noisy.”
  • “Getting up in the morning. I mean, I love the fact that I’m alive, but shit getting up and out of bed suuuuucks.”
  • “My knees.”
  • “Leaving the house lol.”
  • “Social media. It's vapid, boring, and a continuous stream of advertisements now. I remember when it used to be fun. Now I've deleted pretty much all forms of it except Reddit.”
  • “Staying out late like past 9pm is late.”
  • “Large crowds, waiting in lines, small talk, and doing laundry.”
  • “Debating, i just get tired of defending myself. all i want to do is go home and sleep, can we just agree to disagree?”
  • “Getting drunk. I've had a thousand wonderful nights with some of the most amazing people and I can hardly remember any of it. Plus it makes me fat, makes me wanna smoke, and very rarely but enough that it sucks it makes me an a**hole.”
  • Driving. I loved cruising around. Now I’m really scared some rando is going to kill me while texting or not checking their mirrors or making a video."
  • “People.”

Source: Reddit

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