People Reveal The Stupidest Things They Believed As Kids

When you’re young and don’t have all the facts it’s easy to come up with your own wild explanations for why things are the way they are, no matter how truly dumb your reasoning may be. 

Well, now people are sharing how clueless they were in their younger years, after someone on Reddit posed the question “What are some of the stupidest things you believed when you were a kid?” Responses include:

  • “I thought video game AI were actual people whose entire job was to play with you.”
  • “I remember thinking that my grandfather who worked in the bank, sat inside ATM's all day handing out money.”
  • “I always wondered how cool it was that my parents' car automatically told them whether to take a left or a right to go somewhere. Years later when I was learning to drive that I understood how turn signals work.”
  • “Chocolate milk came from brown cows and that your actual legs and arms fall off when ur entering puberty and underneath is adult skin with all the hair. Basically your skin falls off.”
  • “That smoking warms you. Why would smokers otherwise go outside with freezing temperatures.”
  • “That wind came from trees.”
  • “My dad (Danny) and my uncle (Jack) told me and my brother that they invented Jack Daniel's.”
  • “That a litterbug was an actual insect that would somehow form from any litter left on the ground.”
  • “When I was a kid, I thought that "Various Artists" was the most prolific band to ever exist.”
  • “I used to think that when a guy got a women pregnant that one of his testicles would be transferred to the her and that became the baby. Never understood how people could have more than 2 kids.”
  • “That all adults are reliable sources of information.”

Source: Reddit

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