Here's How To Save Some Cash When Dining Out

Love eating out but also trying to save money? It is possible to save a few bucks while dining out at restaurants. Frequent diners took to Quora and Reddit to share their tips on how to save money while dining out, and “BuzzFeed” compiled some of the best tips to help you save some dough.

  • "Eat out during lunch, rather than dinner. Oftentimes, restaurants will charge a premium for dinner. Said another way, lunch prices will be cheaper."
  • "Look for restaurants with lots of customers. It means the food is good or prices are good, but hopefully both. Do check ratings on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor."
  • "Drinks are definitely a profit-maker for the restaurant, so if you are looking for a way to eat out but save a little money, start there first."
  • "Look for good combos or other deals. Use Groupon. Use Sign up for all the rewards programs. You get lots of free stuff to entice you to visit again."
  • "Take a look at restaurants’ websites for deals and specials. Many restaurants offer half-price wine or a meal special on Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays when many restaurants are slow."
  • "I like going out to eat occasionally, so I save in other areas so I can spend here. That's the point of a budget, in my opinion, to identify loss or wastage of money so you can stop it and redirect it to the spending areas that are important for you."
  • "I sometimes order takeout from the restaurant instead of dining in to avoid having to tip. Of course, if you are given excellent curbside service, you can still tip, but it's not expected."

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Source: BuzzFeed

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