Bride Super Glues Ears To Head For Wedding

Some brides will do just about anything to pull off the wedding look of their dreams, like a Brazilian bride who was willing to go to extremes to achieve hers. Lorena wanted to wear her hair in an updo when she walked down the aisle and was so desperate to make sure her ears didn’t stick out … she broke out the super glue.

“Today’s bride asked for a high bun but didn’t want her ears to show,” beautician Mí Martins wrote in the caption of her viral Instagram Reels video. The clip, which has racked up over 20-million views, shows Martins holding a small tube of Three Bond Super 1000 glue that she applies to the back of the bride’s ears. The hair stylist then presses the bride’s ears to her head, holding the ear in place so the strong adhesive does its job.

According to Martins, Lorena has been super-gluing her own ears for a while, so she knew the method would work. “By herself, she’s already used this glue technique for some time!!” Martins explains in the caption, which shows before and after shots of the bride. “And today was no different at her wedding.” While the bride looked very pleased with the outcome, critics were quick to call out the ear gluing.

  • “This is too crazy,” writes one alarmed Instagram user.
  • “I would never hide anything of mine, no matter how much it wasn’t perfect,” comments another.
  • But there were a few folks who deemed it a good idea and at least one who confessed to doing it themselves on their big day. “I did this at my wedding,” admits one viewer. “I had a dream to wear a bun and crown and my wiggly ears weren’t going to stop me.”

Source: Tyla

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