Women Are Sharing Things Men Do That Make Them "Ghostable"

Ghosting is typically a no no. But sometimes, especially for when, it can be necessary if they’re put in a potentially dangerous situation. Redditor u/Bock314 asked “Women of Reddit, what are the things men do that make them ghostable?” and women really opened up.

  • "When you've known them for a whole 10 minutes, and they're already making sexual comments."
  • "Went out on a coffee date with a guy. He admitted that he placed a GPS tracker in his ex's car to track her without her knowledge. Immediately no."
  • "When they talk about how they treated their exes, children, and employees in a way that demonstrates they are clearly controlling and toxic without realizing it."
  • "Random, constant calling... I'm at work, dude!!!"
  • "When they spam you with messages; anything past five in a row is creepy. I once had a guy spam me with 300 voice notes when I went on holiday and couldn't be on my phone 24/7."
  • "Any hint of violent tendencies or general anger management issues. Immediate block, not dealing with that. If I feel threatened, your feelings about being ghosted do not supersede mine of feeling safe."
  • "When they treat me like I’m auditioning for the role of their wife/surrogate mother (i.e., asking if I can cook, clean, or stay at home right out of the gate)."

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Source: Reddit

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