People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Text Fails

While texting can be an easy way to communicate, it can also be dangerous, especially if you’re not careful when you hit send. It’s safe to say most people have sent out a text that went to the wrong person, and for some, those text fails can be embarrassing.

Well, some people are spilling the beans on times they sent texts to the wrong person, thanks to a thread on the anonymous Whisper app, and let’s just say we’re dying inside for all of them. Spectacular text fails include:

  • “I was making fun of a girl and instead of sending it to my mom I sent it to her.”
  • “I intended to text my friend about how we were gonna buy drinks for a party when I was like 15 and sent it to my dad instead. That was NOT a fun night.”
  • “I meant to text my fwb at the time an explicit descriptive paragraph of what I was going to do to him later, but instead accidentally texted my uncle. I die a little inside every time I see him now.”
  • “I went to text my best friend to complain about my mom and I sent it to my mom. I was in middle school and there were cuss words.”
  • “I sent a sext to my grandma instead of my gf once, but she never brought it up. Bless her!”
  • “I accidentally sent my brother a picture of my vajayjay. It’s safe to say we are both scarred for life on that one.
  • “’Did you buy the condoms?’ It was sent to my mother and intended for my boyfriend.”

Source: Whisper

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