More Than Half of Us Have Been Body Shamed

We are hearing a lot about body positivity these days, and loving the body you’re in, but the truth is, no matter how much you may love your body, there’s a good chance others will let you know how they feel as well, and it’s usually not good. A new survey by Weight Watchers finds:

  • 51% of Americans say they have been body shamed because of their weight.
  • The most likely people to be doing the body shaming include:
    • A friend (51%)
    • Partner or spouse (46%)
    • Family member (45%)
    • Doctor (40%)
  •  And body shaming is not helping anybody.
  • 65% of people say body shaming makes them feel as if they have no willpower.
  • Another 55% say it makes them feel like it’s their fault.
  • And 52% are made to feel lazy. 
  • All of this has made 65% of people willing to try anything, even restrictive diets, to lose weight.
  • As for why most people want to lose weight, 69% of people say it’s to lower the risk of health issues associated with extra weight.
  • Other reasons include:
    • Self-esteem and confidence (65%)
    • Looking and feeling their best (62%)

Of course, there are bound to be set backs on any weight loss journey, and a lot of people are not kind to themselves when that happens.

  • 65% of people expect to encounter a set back when trying lose weight.
  • When that happens, 75% say they feel like giving up.
  • Top reasons people lose focus on their diet include:
    • Too much happening in their life (55%)
    • A diet being too restrictive (53%)
    • Not having a community or support system (41%)

Source: Study Finds

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