People Share The Childish Things They Still Do

Adulting is hard, so it’s no surprise that people look back fondly on their childhood. And some folks like to hold on to that childlike feeling as much as they can, and now some are revealing just how they do that.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question “What is the most “childlike” thing you still do?” and plenty of people chimed in. Responses include:

  • “Watch cartoons.”
  • “Some would say me sleeping in a bed full of large stuffed animals, but I don't care one way or another.”
  • “Run up the stairs on all fours.”
  • “Play with Lego, think I enjoy it more than my kids lol.”
  • “I tell my dog all my secrets.”
  • “Blow the straw wrapper at someone.”
  • “Slide around the kitchen in my socks.”
  • “Laugh at farts.”
  • “Licking the cream from an Oreo before eating the cookie.”
  • “Put Doritos on my lunchmeat sandwiches.”
  • “Ride the grocery cart to the car.”
  • “As a 36 year old man sometimes I still sit in front of the TV and eat a bowl of cereal while watching cartoons just like when I was little.”
  • “On a really hot summer night, have ice cream for dinner - just ice cream.”
  • “Go on the swings and slide at the park.”
  • “Randomly dancing without an audience.”

Source: Reddit

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