The Best Candy To Buy For Halloween, According To “Experts”

As we told you, 97% of us plan to hand out chocolate or candy to trick or treaters on Halloween this year. But kids can be picky so choosing the right treats to give out is really important. So, what treats are bound to make kids want to visit your house every year? 

Well, Study Finds went to the “experts” to find out, collecting data from 10 expert websites on which candies are the most highly rated. Candies making the list include:

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - The delicious treat tops the list, with the site insisting the mini cups are the perfect size. The "Los Angeles Times" notes they are “the candy that truly exemplifies the holiday.”
  • Twix – The site notes the combo of cookies, chocolate and caramel is “everything one could possibly want in one candy.”
  • Sour Patch Kids – Considered one of the best fruit-flavored sugary sweet, experts particularly like their “perfect texture: palatable chewiness,” plus, they don’t get stuck in our teeth.
  • Snickers – Experts praise the original flavor, noting the “fun size” is ideal for Halloween, because it gives you “that sweet tooth fix without making you feel ill. “
  • Starbursts -Another popular fruity treat, experts do note that it does depend on the flavor, with most loving the Pink and hating the Orange.

Source: Study Finds

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