Things That Used To Be Normal But Are Now Luxuries

Times change pretty quickly and our kids are growing up in a different world than we did. A Reddit thread that asks, “What previously normal thing is now a luxury?” is reminding us just how much things have changed.

Thousands of people have chimed in with things that have become less accessible over the years and these are some of the once common things that are now considered extravagant:

  • “A single-income household that owns a home, a car, and can go on yearly family vacations”
  • “Having a reachable, reliable doctor that doesn't make you feel like you're wasting their time.”
  • “Being able to spend $100 at the grocery store and leaving with a cart of food”
  • “Things built to last. Back in the day everything made was built to last. It was cheap too. Then people found plastic…”
  • “Products without a monthly subscription”
  • “Starter homes. A home so cheap a single young person's salary could move him in.”
  • “Privacy”
  • “Retirement strategy built-in to your job.”
  • “Stay at home spouse/partner.”
  • “Leg room on a plane”
  • “Feeling safe in school.”
  • “Higher Education. College tuition prices are a lot higher today.”
  • “Being able to pay living expenses and have money left over”
  • “If you live in the US, healthcare and medication”
  • “Having someone check out and bag your groceries for you”
  • “The ability to unplug from work on off hours.”

Source: Reddit

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