Christmas Trees Set To Be More Expensive This Year

It's only October, but we're already talking about Christmas…and how expensive it'll be this year. It’s not a shock, really – just consider the price of most essentials. One of those essentials? Gas.

And because most Christmas trees are shipped from the Carolinas or up north, the creeping up of gas prices is expected to affect the cost to consumers. Stan Reed, with the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association, says that’s not the only concern – farmers were hit by a drought this year, too. So, those associated costs are expected to roll over to customers as well. If there’s good news? Reed says there will still be plenty of trees for the holidays.

He's not alone. Marsha Gray, Executive Director of the Real Christmas Tree Board says Christmas 2022 will look a lot like last year. “There are no plot twists in the real Christmas tree story this year,” Gray adds. “Just the steady hand of professional growers bringing joy to consumers and business savvy to the marketplace.”

Source: Perishable News

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