Clever Ways To Slide Into Your Crush's DMs

Sliding into your crush’s DMs can be super intimidating. Should your message be friendly, flirty, funny or a mix of all three? To help you shoot your shot, “Bustle” shared some clever examples of messages for you to send to your crush and get the convo start.

  • “Your hiking pictures are always amazing! Where's the best place to go around here?”
  • “We've been following each other for a minute, and I've been wanting to say ‘hi’ for a while. So, hi!”
  • “OK, you always have the best music in your stories! We should swap playlists.”
  • “I'm obsessed with your puppy! How long have you had them?”
  • “I'm jealous of your cooking skills, I can't even make toast without burning it!”
  • *A topical meme or TikTok*
  • “Wow, your dinner looks amazing. I’m gonna need you to share your recipe ASAP!”
  • “Hey, how are you? I noticed we have some friends in common! Have we met before?”
  • “Hey [name]! How are you? This is random but I noticed we have a lot in common. I also play tennis and pickleball. When did you start playing?”

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Source: Bustle

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