People Confess What Makes Them Reject Someone Immediately On Dating Apps

Curious to know what makes people immediately swipe left on apps? Redditor LuckyC1723 was and started an interesting “Ask Reddit” thread, asking, “when it comes to dating apps, what is an automatic ‘pass’ for you?”

Here’s what fellow Redditors had to say.

  • “Calling themselves an ‘alpha.’”
  • “A profile that's just a list of demands. ‘Don't be this, don't do this, spend money on me, do this, do that, etc.’"
  • “Thinking smoking weed is a personality trait.”
  • “’I’m actually 20, idk why it says 24 lol’ Or something to that effect.”
  • “People who behave like they're too good for you. Instant no.”
  • “Any mention of ‘crypto’"
  • “Girls with beautyfilters are a no go for me.”
  • “Talk too much about who they want and not enough about who they are.”
  • “People who brag about paying their own bills like it isn’t already something you’re supposed to be doing.”
  • “Posing in front of a BMW/Mercedes/Porsche etc.”
  • “When they start listing what they don't want, stuff like "don't talk to me if you're under 6'0" tall.’"

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Source: Reddit

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