People Call Out The Clueless Things Their Rich Bosses Do

Reddit user u/_perchance took to the “AntiWork” Reddit to share his frustration. "I got a $0.25 raise this year, which absolutely is not keeping pace with inflation. And then, I get to walk into work and see the owner's new toy,” they wrote, referring to a brand new Ferrari. The comment sparked many others to share the clueless things their own bosses do.

  • "We knew layoffs were coming — 30 guys out of 150, so pretty sizable. That was the day the boss decided to show up in his new Porsche."
  • "I took a pay cut during the pandemic. My boss then bought a lake house and $200k boat. Still haven't had my pay restored to pre-pandemic rate."
  • "This totally happened to me. We had a Christmas party in the warehouse, and the owner was showing off his new $450k motorhome with hydraulic slide outs for the living room and handed everyone year-end bonuses that were $5 Walmart gift cards. Within a month, he lost half his staff."
  • "The owners of the last place I worked that handed out $0.25 raises had a second house in Florida that used to be owned by Tom Petty. We got to hear all the hardships of keeping two houses clean."
  • "I got my company a $1 million contract that would provide guaranteed income for 20 years. My boss gave me $300 in cash, then showed me the photo album of his family of six traveling all across America for two months staying in the best hotels."
  • "My boss once had the audacity to complain to me about how much the oil for his Ferrari costs."

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Source: Reddit

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