How Guests Annoy Party Hosts

Between all the planning, prepping, cleaning, getting yourself ready and being welcoming, hosting a party is never easy. Being a guest, on the other hand, seems like a breeze. All you have to do is show up on time, bring what you were asked to bring and try to be good company. But it turns out, there’s a lot guests do that secretly annoys party hosts - often without realizing it.

Here’s what you want to avoid doing at a party so you don’t ruin the chance of being invited back:

  • You showed up late - Things happen, sometimes they’re even out of your control, but you really need to do everything you can to get to the event as close to the start time as possible, especially if there’s a sit-down dinner involved. And if you were asked to bring something for the meal? It’s even more important to be on time.
  • Your “gift” requires work - Bring a gift for your host is a thoughtful move, but not if you show up with a wet, dripping bouquet that needs a vase or an appetizer that requires access to the sink, a sharp knife and for the host to start preheating the oven so you can cook it. Your job as a guest is to make things easier for the person throwing the party, so put the flowers in a ready-to-be gifted vase, even if it’s just a mason jar. Or just bring a bag of ice, which is almost always appreciated.
  • You ruined the bathroom - Accidents happen, but leaving a huge mess without telling the host is not okay. Try to clean it up yourself and if that doesn’t work and you’re too embarrassed to tell the host, at least text them with a heads up.
  • You caused a major spill - Think a large glass of red wine on a brand-new white couch or rug. It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t make it less upsetting to the host. If you ruin a piece of furniture with your spill, offering to pay for cleaning or new upholstery is the right thing to do. And maybe stick to white wine in the future.
  • You had a little too much fun - Also known as consuming too much alcohol, this can lead to excessive chatting, getting too loud, dancing when it’s not appropriate, and so much worse. Don’t be that guest because no one wants to invite that guest over ever again.

Source: Huff Post

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