Guy Asks Date For “Refund” On Chipotle Since There Won’t Be A 2nd Date

While there’s still some debate about who should pay on a date, the issue is typically settled once the bill is paid, right? Not so much for a guy on TikTok who has gone viral after asking his date to pay him back for her Chipotle order on their first date … because there won’t be a second date. TikToker Big E (Elijah) the Insurance Guy, isn’t even embarrassed about being a cheapskate, as evidenced by him posting a video of the cringeworthy exchange.

It begins with him explaining that he went on a Hinge date with a girl and he paid for her burrito at Chipotle, but he says since they’re not going out on another date, he’s going to call her and ask if she’ll pay him back for it. Then he calls Lucy and records the awkward exchange. “So listen, I was thinking about this past weekend,” Elijah says in the call. “And when we went to Chipotle, I paid for your burrito which you got steak and guac for which, you know, is fine, but since we established we’re not going on a second date, I was wondering if maybe I could text you my Venmo and you could just kinda pay me back for that meal.”

Lucy seems caught off guard, but agrees, saying “Uhh, yeah, I mean I guess.” And then Elijah tells her that her dinner was a little over $13, but he’s “cool with 13” even. He even justifies the shameless money request in the comments section, writing, “I’m not proud of this, but money is tight right now.” And viewers share mixed responses in the comments section:

  • “Cost of doing business brother. Write it off,” one suggests.
  • “Please tell me I’m dreaming … please,” writes another.
  • “There hasn’t been a second date in his lifetime,” offers a third.

Source: NY Post

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