Things People Wish They Could Tell Their Partner Without Upsetting Them

While good communication is one of the key aspects of a good relationship, it’s not always easy to tell your partner everything. In fact, most couples hold back at least something out of fear of upsetting their partner, or hurting their feelings.

Well, now some of those people are sharing what they wish they could say, after someone on Reddit posed the question, “What's something you wish you could tell your partner without upsetting them?” Responses include:

  • “Every bad thing that happens doesn't require someone to be blamed for it. And that someone doesn't always have to be me.”
  • “That some days I’m just tired from class and work and just want some me time, it’s not that I hate you my social battery is just running out.”
  • “He needs to set better boundaries with his family (of origin) or their problems and craziness will swallow his life and mine with it.”
  • “Her first reaction to something adverse doesn't have to be anger.”
  • “That I wish she’d be more independent so she didn’t need my help for everything outside the house”
  • “That her mother is not a good person.”
  • “Be present. Actually present. The kids are starting to notice the disconnect.”
  • “That I'm tired of doing almost everything and a lot of the time I just want to be left alone.”
  • “That I really just want a hug and told I love you.”
  • “That I wasn’t a fan of that song I played for her on our first date, I saw it on her story 7 months ago.”
  • “That everyone absolutely can tell that he doesn't brush his teeth and that the mints he constantly eats don't cover his sewer breath.”
  • “Babe, your feet are ugly.”
  • “Sometimes, I’m not a fan of his cooking. Although I appreciate him cooking in the first place, his choice of mixing certain ingredients together is not the best.”

Source: Reddit

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