The Best Part About Living Alone, According To Women Who Do

Living with roommates has its advantages, like getting to split the bills and having people around to hang out with. And living with your romantic partner can be nice, especially if they’re not a slob and they help you with the rent. But a thread on Reddit’s “Ask Women” section has women sharing what they love most about living alone.

It asks, “Women who live on your own, what is your favorite aspect of that independence?” And it seems the women of Reddit have a lot of positive feelings about solo living, including these:

  • “Not having to explain where you're going, what you're doing, with who and when you're back.”
  • “And never having to have the dinner conversation. If I want to eat the same thing every single night I could do it. Now I have to take other people's taste into consideration.”
  • “Not having to answer to anyone about my life choices.”
  • “Silence.”
  • “Being able to do anything and also walk around naked all the time!”
  • “No unfair distribution of domestic labor”
  • “You can make your home your safe haven dream home, without compromising with another person! Like, how you should decorate, the size or type of furniture, where your stuff goes. And also routines like how often and how you want to clean, where you eat, where you put hobby items etc.”
  • “Having one hundred percent control over when and how you see other people and when other people see you.”
  • “I -gasp- close a cupboard door....and it STAYS closed”
  • “That I get to sleep starfish in my bed.”
  • “Not having to be considerate to other people or have to spend all that time and effort thinking about them.”
  • “Owning ALL the closet space!”

Source: Reddit

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