More People Embracing JOMO – The Joy Of Missing Out

For a long time we’ve heard about people suffering from FOMO, fear of missing out. But apparently ever since the world started reopening from the pandemic, people are embracing what’s being called JOMO, or the joy of missing out, with more and more people coming up with excuses, some crazy, to cancel plans at the last minute. 

Cass Dunn, psychologist and Crappy to Happy founder, notes that JOMO is the “pure enjoyment of what you're doing in each moment without worrying what everyone else is doing.” She notes, “There is truly no better feeling than sending that life changing text to cancel plans so you can hit the sofa instead.” Plus, Dunn adds canceling plans can actually be good for you, noting, “Letting ourselves off the hook can be a great act of self-care and we shouldn't feel guilty about prioritizing our own need for some down-time.”

And while you may think it’s just older generations embracing JOMO, a recent Aussie poll finds that Gen Z are the most likely to cancel with friends (34%), while Gen X are “the most relieved” when friends cancel.

  • But apparently just saying you don’t want to go is not a good enough excuse to cancel plans, with folks now sharing some of the crazy excuses they’ve given to get out of going out.
  • Crazy excuses include:
    • "I am too famous to leave the house."
    • "I need to stay at home to watch my plants."
    • "Sorry I can't come, I have heaps of dandruff and need to wash my hair."
    • "My cat is pregnant (said by someone who doesn't have a cat)."
    • “My kids flooded the laundry with soap and paint and I need to fix it before it gets on the carpet or the dog.”
    • “My car’s headlights aren’t working.”

Source: The Mail

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