Things People Need To Stop Doing At Weddings

There are lots of things to love about weddings, but there are also a lot of things to hate, and people have strong opinions those.

Someone on Reddit posed the question, “What's something that people need to start/stop doing at weddings?," and in the end, most people wound up sharing thoughts on what people need to stop doing. Responses include:

  • “Expecting that YOUR "most important day of my life!" is everyone's most important day of their life. For the rest of us, it's just a party. We don't care about your color scheme. Feed us and give us some drinks.”
  • “I wish they would stop that horrible habit of smashing wedding cake into the happy couple's faces. It can't be a good start to any wedding night!”
  • “Stop the Garter toss” “And the bouquet toss.”
  • “Stop forcing a bridesmaid’s dress on people who clearly will be uncomfortable wearing it because it doesn't work with their body type. Pick a color, and let your bridesmaids buy their own dress that they feel comfortable in.”
  • “Stop having your father “give” you away. You are not his property. It is so cringe.”
  • “Expecting your guests to bring expensive gifts.”
  • “Dove releases are horrific. Those birds do not do well in the wild.”
  • “People at weddings need to stop turning to the unmarried couples there and asking them "are you guys next?’ So rude.”
  • “EVERYTHING. It is such a financial drain and it has been pushed down our throats by greed and religion as the only right thing to do. Save your money, buy a house or travel.”
  • “Stop inviting people that they feel obligated or are pressured into inviting.”
  • “Stop doing the chicken dance. forever.”
  • “I hate the tradition of everyone clinking their glasses and making the newlyweds kiss. “

Source: Reddit

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