These Three Emojis Can Kill Your Dating Life

Are you a big emoji user when texting your crush? Emojis can be super flirty, but there are some emojis you should watch out for, as they can harm your chances at sealing the deal! A new report from Adobe says the worst ones are: the poop emoji, the angry face emoji and the eggplant emoji. As in, they’re the top three emojis people don’t like seeing when they’re flirting or dating someone.

Almost a third of Gen Z survey participants said that these three emojis make the person they’re speaking to seem less likeable. Adobe typeface designer and font developer Paul Hunt explains, “You wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who can’t share their emotions with you, right? I believe the same applies to digital communication. Emoji usage, and being able to communicate emotionally digitally, is part of the expected package of emotional maturity.”

The kissy face emoji, the blushing face emoji and the heart-eyes emojis were ranked as the top three emojis that make someone more likeable while flirting or dating. They also found that 54% of millennials and 58% of Gen Z said they’re more likely to want a second or third date with someone that uses emojis.

Source: Adobe

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