People Are Sharing The Money Mistakes From College That Still Haunt Them

College is all for making mistakes, right? Some of those mistakes do include money mistakes for lots of college students. Peeps in the “Buzzfeed Community” are now sharing what the biggest money mistake they made in college were, and you should definitely learn from these mistakes.

  • "Getting credit cards because of those stupid 'pre-approved' letters. I spent more money than I could pay off. I lost a job and ended up ruining my credit. I also took out payday loans which took forever to get rid of and I wasted so much money re-upping them."
  • "Not taking out student loans. My family convinced me they would ruin my life, but once my savings ran out after one semester, I ended up taking on a ton of credit card debt just to get by. Eventually, I took out loans during my junior year and was able to stop using my credit cards, but the interest was so high that I could never get it fully paid off."
  • "I regret pretty much every financial decision I made in college. I opened credit cards, joined a sorority that I paid for myself, and best of all, took the maximum amount of student loans available every single semester. Almost 20 years later, I’m still over $100K in debt."
  • "I regret not spending enough money. You’re only in college or your 20s once, and it’s important to enjoy it. I’m not saying go crazy buying top-shelf everything. But I should have spent the money on basketball tickets. I should have gone to Vegas with my friends. Then and now, it’s about a balance of being responsible, but also you can’t take that money with you when you die."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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