People Are Sharing Their Biggest Teenage Regrets

We’ve all made decisions in our life that we look back on and cringe. A lot of those can be during our teenage years. Recently, a Reddit thread went viral that asked “What was your biggest teenage mistake?” and here are some people’s mistakes and some will get you in your feels.

  • "Not realizing that my parents weren’t doing the best job raising me or preparing me for adulthood — and realizing I should maybe take matters into my own hands."
  • "I took my uncle's beautiful restored classic car for a drive when I didn't have a license and got it impounded."
  • "Marrying my 18-year-old self to a 40-year-old who'd been grooming me for three years, just to spite my mother."
  • "When I had the opportunity, I didn't pursue a higher education, but decided to go to work right away."
  • "Funny enough, my big regret is focusing on my studies and putting off getting a job way too late."
  • "Not being more sociable. I’m 25 now, and I have no idea how to make friends."
  • "Coasting through school on being bright and never learning to study. University was a shock and just about managed my 2:2."
  • "Not getting the hint that my friend wanted to be WAY more than friends."

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Source: Reddit

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