People Share The Things Teens Aren’t Ready To Hear

When you’re a teen you rarely pay attention to what adults have to say, even though they may be telling you things that can help you in the future or make you a better person. So what are some of these wise words of wisdom teens should pay attention to?

Well, a new thread is offering up some suggestions after someone on Reddit posed the question “What are teens today not ready to hear?" Responses include:

  • “In 15 years you’re going to think the kids have gone too far and they’re going to think you’re old-fashioned.”
  • “Everything you do as a teenager will be cringe to your children.”
  • “You won't 'feel' different when you're older, or have kids. You'll just be you, it's weird.”
  • “To the ones who ride the public bus in my city, specifically: nobody else wants to hear whatever TikTok you’re watching. Buy some headphones.”
  • “Please shower.”
  • “School has a system in place to keep you from falling behind, life doesn’t.”
  • “Drugs aint a game.”
  • “Being controversial isn't the same as being interesting.”
  • “Not everybody can be an internet sensation, somebody has to drive the dump truck.”
  • “Things will likely take significantly longer to achieve than you think.” 

Source: Reddit

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