How To Make Life Go Your Way In Five Easy Steps, According to a Therpist

A therapist is sharing five simple steps she claims will create a better life. In a TikTok video that’s gone viral with more than 1.5-million views, mental health therapist Bernadette Purcell reveals how to “make life go your way” using the hacks.

Ready to live your best life? This is how to do it, according to Purcell:

  • Take the sting out of being insulted - If someone tries to bring you down by insulting you, she recommends responding by looking at them and asking, “Are you okay?” She explains that this puts them on the defensive and gives you the upper hand in the conversation.
  • Fall in love with the process, not the rewards - For her second tip, Purcell explains that “rewards kill enjoyment.” Even though rewarding yourself can motivate you in the short-term, being rewarded for things you naturally like doing can actually decrease long-term motivation.
  • How to get anyone to like you - Everyone wants to be liked and to make a good impression when meeting new people and according to this therapist, “Questions equal likeability.” She says, “If you show genuine curiosity for a person, they will like you more.”
  • Learn to regulate your emotions - When you’re in a difficult situation and you feel all those emotions creeping in, Purcell advises taking a deep breath to help keep them from spinning out of control before reacting.
  • Convince yourself you’re comfortable in any situation - Sounds challenging, right? But according to Purcell, it’s all about faking it til you make it by “assuming comfort” in any given situation. “If your mind assumes it, your body will be more likely to follow,” she says. If you feel anxious or nervous, with sweaty palms and a racing heart, those reactions are similar to how you feel when you’re excited and telling yourself you ARE excited, rather than nervous, can bring a “sense of comfort.”

Source: Daily Mail

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