Job Interviews That Went Off The Rails In The Most Offensive Way

There are good job interviews and there are not so good job interviews. Then there’s also the job interviews that are straight up offensive. The “Buzzfeed Community” just shared the most offensive things they were asked in a job interview, including:

  • "A partner in a law firm asked me if I had a 'steady boyfriend.'"
  • "I got told at an interview for a retail job that I'd have to dumb down my vocabulary. The guy then asked me what 'wry' meant as my CV states that I have a wry sense of humor. I stared at him. He actually wanted the definition."
  • "I was asked about a book character I related to. I can't remember who I chose, but it was a woman. 'You some kind of she-male?' The job was being an elf at the mall."
  • "I was told I would need to wear makeup, and it had to be done well. The job was working with young children. When I stated I don't wear makeup (for several reasons), I was told it was something that just needed to be done. I didn't feel like I needed makeup to chase toddlers around, and refused the job offer. They couldn't understand why."
  • "At my first interview out of college, in finance, I was asked what my parents do. The interviewer was a classic old boys club type of guy. I didn’t get the job."
  • "This job pays $2.12 per hour plus tips."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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