A Relationship Expert’s “Foolproof” Way To Get Revenge On Ex

Do you really want to get revenge on your ex? A relationship expert on TikTok claims to know the “foolproof” way to get post-breakup revenge, but it’s not what you’d expect. Alex from Australia says the best way to do it is really simple - avoid contacting your ex and just focus on yourself.

The thing is, that’s the complete opposite of what a lot of us do after a painful breakup. When you’re desperate to talk to an ex or get their attention, reaching out repeatedly may seem like a good idea, but Alex is here to remind us that it definitely is not. “If you’re blowing up his phone all day, you’ll just push him further away,” she explains. “You’ll get labeled the ‘psycho, crazy, jealous’ ex.”

But on the flip side, if you don’t message him and mute him on social media so you don’t see his posts and stories, that’s a sure-fire way to get a response, according to this relationship expert. And while you’re not messaging your ex, focus on improving yourself and healing your mind, body and health. Another way to get back at your ex? Show them you’re completely fine and happy and are moving on with your life. Posting pics of you out with friends having dinner, enjoying nature, and at fun events will do the trick. Alex sums it up by explaining, “The best revenge is becoming the greatest version of yourself imaginable.”

Source: Daily Mail

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