Adults Reveal Lies Their Parents Told Them When They Were Kids

Parents will make up all sorts of little white lies to get their kids to do what they want, or keep their kids from learning the truth, and some of them are pretty outrageous. Well, now some folks are sharing their parents’ deceit.

 BuzzFeed recently asked their community to "share times their parents or guardians told them things that later turned out to be a fat lie," and some moms and dads certainly are creative.

Responses include:

  • "I once found a tube of lube on my mom's dresser and asked her what it was. She told me it was cherry chapstick and then rubbed it on her lips. I was like 12 and read the label afterwards 😂."
  • "My mother told me that energy drinks kill your eggs so you can't have babies."
  • “My mother told me if I made an 'ugly' face, the wind would change and I'd get stuck that way forever. Joke's on her because I said 'is that what happened to you?'"
  • "My aunt and her friends told me their cigarettes smelled funny because they were American cigarettes, but it was weed – they were smoking weed 💀."
  • "Looking into a microwave while your food cooks will make you throw up."
  • "When the bell from an ice-cream truck is ringing it's because all the ice cream is sold out."
  • "My mother used to tell us that Santa knew if we were bad because he was watching us through the light in the smoke detectors."
  • "If I popped the pimples on my nose I would get gangrene, my nose would fall off, and I'd end up looking like Michael Jackson!"
  • “That Toys 'R' Us required a membership like Costco."
  • "My mom told us if we swallowed our gum, our butt cheeks would stick together."
  • "My dad would take my brother and I out fishing a lot. He would always tell me that if I talked it would scare the fish away – he was definitely just trying to get me to shut up!"

Source: BuzzFeed

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