Adults Are Sharing The Best Ways To Unwind After A Long Day

Life is busy. Work can suck. Real world is hectic. Rough days happen. But a rough day doesn’t have to ruin your entire day. Adults of the “Buzzfeed Community” shared the ways they unwind after a super long day.

  • "I'll buy a present for my cat and try to get her to play with it. More often than not we end up playing with an old toy or a ball of paper instead, but I like to try."
  • "I listen to music, specifically rock music will relax me. I try to see as much live as I can, but at the end of a hard day, it always calms me."
  • "I'll either bake something or I'll lay in bed with the blinds closed, reading a book with my phone on Do Not Disturb."
  • "I cry. It's very effective."
  • "I love getting absorbed in a new world and having an escape. Reading books and watching TV shows are my go-to's!"
  • "I'll relax either with a face mask in a bubble bath that I have to keep on for at least twenty minutes so I'm forced to sit still, or I'll spend a day in my pajamas eating crap and watching movies. There’s no in-between and both are self-care."
  • "Honestly, I feel good shopping online or just scrolling down through Pinterest and dreaming about a wardrobe I’ll never have because I’m broke."
  • "I eat cake. Anything with a buttercream filling soothes my soul when I’ve had a bad day."
  • "Simple. I drink alcohol and online shop!"

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Source: Buzzfeed

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