Pro Tips To Make The TikTok Viral “Dirty Soda” At Home

It’s no secret that folks see something on social media and they have to try it and that’s certainly the case with the latest viral drink – the dirty soda.

For those not in the know, a dirty soda is basically when someone takes a regular soda and adds flavored syrup and cream, which some have compared to a kid's version of a cream soda. Dirty sodas apparently originated in Utah, with a chain called Swig known as the “Home of the Dirty Soda.” Its popularity took off on social media after Olivia Rodrigo was snapped drinking a beverage from Swig, and soon folks all over TikTok were sharing videos of them creating their own version of the viral drink. Some have even upped the game, adding booze to the non-alcoholic beverage.

So, how can you make the ideal version of a Dirty Soda? Tips include:

  • Use just enough creamer – One TikToker suggests the perfect radio is ¼ cup creamer to one can of soda.
  • Chill all your ingredients – This drink is supposed to be refreshing so make sure your soda is ice cold, with cold creamer. Plus one TikToker says “pebble ice” is the preferred for the beverage.
  • Don’t use milk – Milk is not preferred for the drink. Instead, go with half-and-half or coffee creamer.
  • Go easy on the syrups – One or two pumps of each flavor is recommended.
  • Don’t leave citrus slices in your drink – While many dirty sodas contain fresh lime juice, it’s recommended that you leave the actual slices out or else your drink can turn bitter.

Source: Huffington Post

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